There are pieces of both the Obedience and Rally venues that are similar and those that are different.
  • C-WAGS stresses team work between the handler and the dog – they are the team.
  • We want our trials to be viewed as a friendly, fun place for people/families to come and enjoy the day with other people and their dogs.
  • Junior Handler division in all classes, it is not a different class.
  • We are different from “traditional” Obedience in that the handler may interact more naturally with their teammate (dog).
  • Handlers may give reinforcement to their dog at the end of the exercises.
  • Handlers may talk to their dog during the performance.
  • We have some fun, new exercises in both the Obedience and Rally venue.
  • The order of the exercises will vary.
  • Teams may compete in multiple levels/classes at the same time.
  • Team may begin in Obedience levels 1-3. Team may begin in any Rally class.
  • Low jump heights.
  • An exhibitor will find some of the same exercises as in “traditional” Obedience and Rally. We feel that our venue compliments the others extremely well. Even though some of the exercises are slightly different, the training should not cause any issues for a dog competing in other venues.
  • We value real life skills and recognize our teams that Volunteer in their community with our Doing Others Good  (D.O.G.) Team Award

Welcome to C-WAGS
A New Approach to Obedience

C-WAGS is a dog & handler team sport dedicated to all the great dog and handler teams – that we may all aspire to become such a team with our canine partner.  May the journey along the way build a positive relationship, create mutual trust and contain both work and games!
C-WAGS offers titles in
Scent and Games

Open to All Dogs

What makes C-WAGS different from other venues? What is the same?
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